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5139 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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About CatapultPGH

Catapult is a co-working space based in Garfield, Pittsburgh on Penn Avenue.

We are a community, full stack agency, and a small batch coffee roastery. Catapult is a lot of disparate things that somehow work very well together.

In the future we'd like to make Catapult completely donation based and we're currently looking for a new property to expand in to!

Open Hours

If you're a full-time member you get your own key and the space is 24/7.If you want to come by and take a look around someone is usually here 10am-6pm on weekdays.


  • Open 24 Hours
  • Coffee Provided
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Pet Friendly
  • Shared Printer
  • Weekends
  • Wi-fi


Map to CatapultPGH
Map to CatapultPGH
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5139 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Monthly Packages

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Full Time Membership at 5139

$150 / month

Private Company Office

$550 / month

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$15 / 1 visit