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20 N Wacker Suite 1200, Chicago, IL, United States

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About TechNexus

Uniquely aligning relationships in the innovation ecosystem, TechNexus Venture Collaborative finds, funds and grows technology ventures as a force multiplier for ventures and enterprises. Since 2007, thousands of seasoned entrepreneurs and enterprise partners from across the globe have been a part of the TechNexus community at the TechNexus Venture Collaboration Center. This 65,000 square foot workspace is where partners connect, learn, showcase and grow. It offers several options for membership.

From a one-desk office, to a “Clubhouse Key,” a 10-person room with a Chicago River view, to hosting events for up to 225 people, TechNexus Venture Collaboration Center is the place that provides a curated, diverse community. Whether you’re looking to get a pulse on emerging technology or to access the right partners at scale, we have the innovation ecosystem mapped. For more information, visit, follow @TechNexus on Twitter, or email us at

Open Hours

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Clubhouse Key members have 24/7 access!


  • Open 24 Hours
  • Coffee Provided
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Phone Line
  • Private Areas
  • Shared Printer
  • Wi-fi


Map to TechNexus
Map to TechNexus
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20 N Wacker Suite 1200, Chicago, IL, United States

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Monthly Packages

Clubhouse Key

$350 / month

Dedicated Desk

$600 / month

Daily Packages

Huddle Room Access

$75 / day

Clarke (Board Room)

$200 / day

Cerf (Board Room)

$450 / day

Lovelace (Board Room)

$450 / day

Conference Room A

$500 / day

Conference Room B

$500 / day

Babbage (Board Room)

$600 / day

Conference Room C

$600 / day

Conference Room D

$600 / day

Babbage/Cerf (Combined as Board Room)

$800 / day

Conference Rooms AB (Combined)

$850 / day

Conference Rooms DC (Combined)

$1,000 / day

Conference Rooms ABC (Combined)

$1,400 / day

Conference Rooms BCD (Combined) & Full Kitchen Access

$1,500 / day

Conference Rooms ABCD (Combined) & Full Kitchen Access

$1,800 / day