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Beach House Cowork

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Beach House Cowork

2219 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, United States

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About Beach House Cowork

Our space is geared towards those who would rather work from the beach than from home, while also realizing that you probably need wifi and coffee to do your job properly so we met you half way - half way meaning half a block from the sand, that is. We understand that just because you work for yourself and maybe by yourself, having others around you can act as a stimulating catalyst to kick your productivity in to gear.

We firmly believe that being surrounded by other equally productive and thoughtful people can be just what you need to do your best work and be your best professional self. That being said, if you need peace and quiet to meet a deadline or kickstart a project you're working on, there's a space for that. If you want to play loud music, there is also a space for that.


At the BeachHouse CoWork, we have made it our only priority to give you what you need to do your job. Whether it be it facilities, amenities, location, or something else, we want to create an atmosphere where you feel excited and inspired to come to work and to be at work.


  • Coffee Provided
  • Kitchen
  • Private Areas
  • Wi-fi


Map to Beach House Cowork
Map to Beach House Cowork
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2219 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, United States

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