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Blooming Founders

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Blooming Founders

81 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

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About Blooming Founders

It's already hard enough to start a business from scratch. As a woman? Even harder. That's why Blooming Founders supports women in business by bringing together a community of like-minded people. At our HQ, we offer comfortable and affordable desks and office space with a kitchen to store food and drinks.
Come and share ideas, consult decisions, but most of all, share your business with others who're striving to create their own future.
We aim to provide the best working environment for not just female founders, but all who share a common drive to build their own business.

Open Hours

Mon-Fri 8:30 AM- 8:00 PM


  • Coffee Provided
  • Kitchen
  • Private Areas
  • Shared Printer
  • Wi-fi


Map to Blooming Founders
Map to Blooming Founders
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81 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

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