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CowOrKing Space by Puzl

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CowOrKing Space by Puzl

bul. Cherni Vrah 47 , Sofia, Bulgaria

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About CowOrKing Space by Puzl

CowOrKing Space by Puzl is an IT Office ran like a Community. We’re uniting the IT community in the Space to share an awesome working place and help each other grow personally and professionally through sharing, partnering, advising and working together.

We offer not only individual and team desks, but also separate rooms for teams. The space provides modern industrial interior design, unique meeting, brainstorming and gaming rooms and comfy relaxation area. It is equipped with a professional ventilation system, complimented with high-end professional Samsung ACs. The ventilation system provides constant fresh air in the space and the temperature is perfected with the ACs. The lights are professional, the right colour that is the closest to natural light and the light emitted from your monitors, so you can work long hours while avoiding the common light related headaches and eye pain.

Members pay month-to-month and membership is all-inclusive, without extra cost for use of common areas, Internet, 24/7 access, ect.

Open Hours

Monday-Sunday 24/7


  • Open 24 Hours
  • Coffee Provided
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Pet Friendly
  • Private Areas
  • Shared Printer
  • Weekends
  • Wi-fi


Map to CowOrKing Space by Puzl
Map to CowOrKing Space by Puzl
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bul. Cherni Vrah 47 , Sofia, Bulgaria

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Monthly Packages

Cow Desk - Individual Desk

329 лв. / month

King Desk - Team Desk

880 лв. / month