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2 N. LaSalle, 14th Floor, Chicago, IL, United States

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About Grind

Grind is a 22nd century platform that helps talent collaborate in a new way: outside the system. Grind is a collaborative community dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of working the old way and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine.
A community of like-minded conquerors. We call them free radicals. 220 seats to park it and do what you do best. Enjoy all the Intelligentsia
you care to drink while connected to super-fast wi-fi.
Memberships by the day or by the month. Literally zero strings attached. Grind is the most flexible and open-minded coworking space yet.
Come. Sit. Conquer.

Open Hours

Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm


  • Coffee Provided
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Private Areas
  • Shared Printer
  • Wi-fi


Map to Grind
Map to Grind
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2 N. LaSalle, 14th Floor, Chicago, IL, United States

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