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Mar Vista Art Department

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Mar Vista Art Department

12513 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, United States

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About Mar Vista Art Department

MVAD was born in May of 2015 in the budding neighborhood of Mar Vista, CA. It’s your go-to place on the west side. With the Venice Beach vibes flowing over into the neighborhood, we couldn’t help but feel the creative spirit in the air so why not create a space for the community to express that? MVAD is the brainchild of several friends with very different creative backgrounds but a common goal: creating a space for others to learn, express and connect.

It's a place where artists work, create and showcase their ideas. Our residents have built a variety of artwork, ideas, products and installations for clients around the world. We welcome other local artisans into our space to help them grow and showcase their work. We've created this environment for people, like you, to feel inspired, learn a new craft and make something. We believe expression is vital and the art department is here to provide the tools you need to bring your idea into reality.

MVAD’s retail & workshops reflect our own lifestyle and experiences. We dig it. And we hope you dig it too. Cheers!

Open Hours

Sun-Sat 11am-7pm; CLOSED Mondays


  • Weekends
  • Wi-fi


Map to Mar Vista Art Department
Map to Mar Vista Art Department
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12513 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, United States

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