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Want to turn extra office space into cash? Want to find space that fits you or a small client?

Desktime is your solution.

We partner with you to help find dollars for your commercial clients with extra space, bring value to clients with small needs, and even turn your own excess office space into revenue.

Take a quick tour, add a space, and search our directory. Let us know what you think by filling out a short survey at the end.

How it works

Small business have extra work space.

You and your clients have extra spaces that could be generating revenue

People are looking for short-term space.

Freelancers and small businesses have needs for short-term space as they grow.

Desktime connects spaces with renters.

Desktime is the solution that connects spaces with needs and helps you bring value to your current and future clients. We conveniently handle scheduling & payments, while you build the client relationship.


Turn empty space into cash.

An extra desk, private office, or conference room that goes unused could mean cash flying out the window. In less than ten minutes, add space to Desktime, sit back and watch it turn into income. We take care of the billing, scheduling and management of the rental.

Your bonus? You help your client make more money, or even maximize your own cash flow in your office. Connect one of your clients to Desktime and you’ll earn a commission.

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Make it easy to find great short-term space

Sometimes client leads seem too small for you to focus your time on. Instead of passing on those opportunities, start a relationship with potential clients by sharing Desktime with them to search for the right space. With ready-to-work, short-term, flexible office spaces all over the world, your clients can find a great space that makes sense for their current needs.

Your bonus? We keep you informed of the renters’ growth through Desktime and when it might be time to reach out again to find them more permanent space.

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Spread this word: Desktime.

Start by joining our affiliate program and earn rewards for sharing Desktime with your current and potential clients. We’ll take fantastic care of them and keep you looped in to their current status.

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