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Manage your coworking space with ease.

The easiest way for your coworking spaces to manage their space.

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Effortless integrated payments.

There’s no easier way to accept recurring or one-time credit card payments for your space. And it takes minutes to set up.


Track bookings and resources.

With a booking system designed specifically for shared spaces, you’ll always know who’s coming, who’s going, and what they’re using.


The best member experience.

Desktime’s Member Profiles help your members connect, and a full payment and booking history give them control.


Promote your space.

Keep your space close to capacity with a listing in the Desktime Directory. It’s completely free, and fully-integrated into Desktime.

Hassle-free Payments

Stop playing landlord.

No more tracking down checks every month. Accept recurring monthly or one-time credit card payments, and keep track of it all through Desktime.

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Everything in one place.

Relax. It’s all in Desktime.

One app to handle every aspect of booking. Always know who’s in your space, what resources are available, and what needs your attention.


Members at the center.

Your members are your space, and Desktime gives them a place online to meet their coworkers, manage their payments, and keep track of their current and upcoming bookings.


Elan Rothgarten

Saffron Studio

Elizabeth Smith

Creative Space

James Duncan

Kelly Jordan

Merill Publishing

April Baumbach

Element Dev

Jonathan Driscoll

Whiskers McGoo


Dave Jenkins

Three Design Company

Joshua Gardner

Chop Shop

Davis Harding

Elevative PR

Monica Green

Chicago Outdoor

Emile Sedgewick

Freelance Writer

Desktime makes your members feel at home from the moment they join your space. And by giving them control over their booking and payment details, you’ll have less to deal with.

Creating a member Profile

Attract new members with
the Desktime Directory.

They’re Here

You’re Here

Built-in promotion.

Reach potential members with a listing in the Desktime Directory, our collection of shared workspaces around the world. Your listing and any leads that come from it are free. View the Directory


Potential renters find and contact you through the Desktime Directory.

Inquiries arrive in your email inbox and Desktime for you to review and reply to.


Simple Pricing.

2.5%of payments made to your space through Desktime.

We’re in this together. We don’t make any money unless you do. So we make Desktime great at making you money.

It’s all out there. No monthly fees, your members pay nothing, and you’ll always know exactly how much of your money is going to Desktime.

Quit at any time. No contract required. Try Desktime for a day or many years. Of course, we’ll do our best to keep you around.

Desktime uses Stripe for easy, secure credit card transactions. Desktime fees do not include card processing fees charged by Stripe.

Trusted by spaces.

“Desktime is a beautifully designed and easy to use way to reach potential members and help them really thrive in your space.”

Design Cloud / Chicago, IL

“Desktime allows us to build and foster the ideal co-working community by putting all the distracting details on autopilot.”

Simple.Honest.Work. / Chicago, IL

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